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Computer Workshop


Computer Diagnostics

Our technicians will get to the bottom of your computer issue, no matter how complex. We will then contact you with a cost estimate to get your computer running better.

Our diagnostic will identify any of the following:

  • Hardware and/or Software issues
  • Operating system problems
  • Virus and Mal-ware infections
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Optimize Computer

Give your computer a tune-up with our System Optimization package. We remove unnecessary files to free up space, optimize computer start up, and clear out any junk left from years of computer use. We will also make recommendations for upgrades, scan for mal-ware, and give you a report of your computer’s performance. (Virus removal not included).

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Do you want to play the newest games or install the latest software but your computer is not up to the task? Our technicians will install your hardware upgrades and ensure they are working right.

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Hard Disk Drive

If you are running out of storage space on your computer, we can help! Upgrade your drive capacity and maintain all your data and programs, while making more room for your photos, music, games, documents, and more!

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Dual Monitors

We can set up any new printers, scanners, or fax machines, share them between multiple computers, and give your productivity a boost!

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Computer Networking

Let our trained technicians set up your home and small office networks, so you can share your files, printers, and internet connection between multiple computers. We offer a wide range of wired and wireless, secure network solutions, and we are glad to customize the network to suit your needs.

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Software Install

Need help installing the latest and greatest software? Let our technicians install and configure your new software so it’s ready for you to use.

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Data Transfer

Got data? Have a new computer? Our technicians can transfer data from any working computer to another PC, portable hard drive, DVD, or CD. We also have the professional tools and expertise to attempt data recovery from broken computers, accidental deletion, or drive formatting.

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Get rid of those pesky pop-ups! Our technicians will discover and remove nasty mal-ware and viruses to get your PC running like it should. We will also make recommendations to keep your PC protected for years to come.

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Do you want to run the latest Windows™, MacOS™, or Linux operating system? Our technicians will install and configure the operating system of your choice, making sure your system is working properly and is ready for use.

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New Desktop Computer

Let us help you set up your new PC and get it working like you want. We will set up user accounts, customize settings, and install peripherals of all kinds. We offer both in-store and onsite visits as we know many times it takes an onsite visit to make that peripheral work like it should!

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Server Rack

Protect your important data with a backup system custom-designed and configured to your needs. We offer a wide range of backup solutions including automated on and off-site backups, and data redundancy.

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Data Destruction

Before you give away your old computer, ensure that all your sensitive information is destroyed. A clever thief can get your information even if you delete it. We have the tools that will destroy your sensitive data for good, ensuring that no one can ever recover it.

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